Coolink confirms compatibility with AMD AM3+ and FM1

Taipei/Vienna, June 30th 2011 - Coolink today confirmed the full compatibility of its Corator DS and Silentator (AM2-Version) CPU coolers with AMD's new AM3+ and FM1 sockets. Both, the original SecuFirm™ mounting system of the Silentator, as well as the current SecuFirm™2 mounting system of the Corator DS support AMD's new platforms out of the box and without the need for modifications or upgrades.

Since the hole spacing for CPU cooler installation on AM3+ and FM1 is the same as on older AM2, AM2+ and AM3 mainboards, the Coolink Corator DS and the Silentator (AM2 Version) are fully compatible with the new sockets out of the box and without the need for additional parts.
AMD Mounting parts for the K8 and LGA 775 versions of the Coolink Silentator CPU cooler are available on request.

Please also visit our extensive compatibility list for detailed compatibility informations regarding specific mainboards.

Should you have any further questions, our support team ( will be glad to assist you at any time.

About Coolink & Coolink Europe
Kolink's retail brand Coolink stands for an effective conjunction of no-frills performance, excellent quality and attractive pricing. While Coolink held a strong presence in the Asian market ever since the late 90ies, it was not until 2005 that the brand was introduced to the European market on a large scale. After the launch of in late 2005, Coolink quickly became a well recognized brand for high-quality cooling components in Europe too.