Ceramic nano-particles for high thermal conductivity
Not electrically conductive
No longer burn-in time
Easy to apply, easy to clean off
Suitable for compressor cooling
Big 10g tube for more than 30 applications

Are you looking for a thermal compound that combines excellent performance with maximum ease of use and also comes at an affordable price?

Look no further: Thanks to ceramic nano particles, Chillaramic achieves outstanding thermal transfer while not being electrically conductive.

Chillaramic is easy to apply, easy to clean off and comes in 10g tubes that will last you through more than 30 applications without breaking your wallet.

Volume 10g (for more than 30 applications)
Specific Gravity 3.2g/cm
Color White
Recommended Operating Temperature -35C to +85C
Peak Operating Temperature -45C to +105C
MSRP € 6.90